Dear Santa – from lenina at the Lake Pointe Inn

Dear Santa from the Lake Pointe Inn

Dear Santa:

I’m writing to you from the Lake Pointe Inn as I sit in front of a cozy fire with a wonderful merlot.  So much has happened since I last wrote.

In March I married the man you sent me.  He is truly my hero and guess what?  He even looks kind of like you when he goes a few days without shaving. Thank you Santa.

Living at the Lake Pointe Inn

Since I live at the Lake Pointe Inn ( now, I can’t imagine wanting for much.  Every day I awake in a beautifully appointed 10-room historic homestead, nestled between the scenic Deep Creek Lake and the Wisp ski mountain.

However, I do have a few minor requests, if it’s not too much trouble.

Lenina’s List to Santa

  1. Could you ask Starbucks to put frosting on all sides of the lemon pound cake? It’s so hard for me to choose whether to eat the frosting first or save the best for last.
  2. Do you have the influence to make the human male species admit when they’re lost and persuade them to ask for directions? You might save a few marriages, but at the very least, it would defray countless arguments between the beloved caveman and his missus.
  3. Can you find a way to take the excessive calories out of ice cream? I’m not asking just for me, it would be great for the economy, it would create jobs and it would support the dairy farmers of America if we all ate more ice cream. Really, I just want what’s best for everyone.
  4. Would it be out of the question for Motley Crue to reunite and go back on tour?  You know how I feel about Vince Neal and life just hasn’t been the same since my favorite big-hair band retired.

Most Importantly

Please ask all the Lake Pointe Inn lovers to call the inn and ask about the special off-season deals that we are running in January.  We are having so much fun meeting all the guests and learning about being innkeepers.

One more thing, or maybe three

Let there be peace on earth, may all menopausal women be cooled during hot flashes, and God bless the Denver Broncos.