Inn Notes


Garrett County Fair — July 30 – August 6, 2016
Deep Creek Art & Wine Festival — Sept. 10, 2016
Autumn Glory Festival — October 12-16, 2016
Deep Creek Dunk — February 25, 2017

JULY 9th & 10th, 2016 – ART IN THE PARK!

Once again on the shores of Deep Creek Lake! Be inspired! Forty-five plus artists including several new to the festival display and sell their work at the 17th Annual Art in the Park in one of Western Maryland’s most magnificent settings!

 Visit FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT’S  FALLINGWATER – within 1 hour driving distance from the Inn ( )  Click on this link to view the variety of tours offered at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater.  Advance tickets or reservations are essential for all tours at Fallingwater. This guarantees you a tour although, during heavy visitation, you may still have a short wait upon arrival. Beside the normal house tour there are ‘In depth tours”, “Brunch tours”, “Sunset tours” etc.

WISP RESORT – follow the link below to see the activities and pricing of activities (2 Golf courses, Whitewater Rafting, Canopy tour, Mountain Coaster etc.) at the Wisp Resort – adjacent to the Inn. There is something for everyone!

JULY 30TH– AUGUST 6TH, 2016- Come join the fun at the Garrett County Agricultural Fair  Livestock judging, tractor pulls, rides, music and more!

59th Annual Springs Folk Festival– (October 7th & 8th)  The Springs Folk Festival invites you to join in the celebration of the arts, skills and labors of our forefathers. Watch the men and women baking bread and weaving, the men hewing logs and threshing grain and the children enjoying themselves on an old-time hayride. The lilting notes of blue grass groups, gospel music and children singing a capella fill the air with continuous performances in an enclosed program building. Of course, the Mountain Anthems singing close harmony is always a thrill.


Tesla Drivers – Lake Pointe Inn offers a charging location for it’s guests!  Garrett County, Maryland heralds three events from the annals of electrification:

1921 – Thomas Edison, with friends Henry Ford and Harvey Firestone, camps at Muddy Creek Falls.
1925 – The Youghiogheny Electric Company completes Deep Creek Lake to provide hydroelectric power.
2015 – The Lake Pointe Inn, on the shore of Deep Creek Lake, installs a Tesla electric car charging station.

So come Tesla and Electric Car drivers and visit the site where the 1921 Vagabonds, as they were known, explored the ‘wilds’ of the Maryland’s western counties! A marker can be found at Swallow Falls State Park today where they camped.

You can also view Deep Creek Lake spillway where at the base, the 1925 Power Plant is still generating electric power.

In July, 2015 – Lake Pointe Inn teamed up with Tesla Motors to provide an increasingly desirable amenity–Tesla Destination Charging. The Tesla High Power Wall Connector adds 58 miles of range per hour to the Tesla Model S, charging the vehicle overnight and replicating the convenience Tesla owners are accustomed to at home. The inn’s other High Power Wall Connector provides charging to the various other electric cars.

Tesla Model S offers 270 miles of range on a single charge, so the High Power Wall Connector can easily top off the Tesla in just a few hours, giving Tesla drivers the freedom to charge almost anywhere they want to travel! Lake Pointe Inn has a 100A Tesla Wall Connector and a 40A connector for other electric cars; guests charge for free at either of these connectors when spending the night.

CORPORATE RATES: Contact the Innkeeper for rates and policies. Available on weekdays off season.

39 33′ 24.08″ N 79 21′ 28.13W Just enter these coordinates into your GPS and you’ll find your way without any problems. Beam me up, Scotty!

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