Finding love at the Lake Pointe Inn

We lost our precious little bulldog in April.

We’ve shared similar grief with many of you as you’ve become not only our guests but our friends. Thank you for all the loving support.

Zorro was almost fifteen years old. I initially got him as a therapy dog for my son. In truth, I think he was much more my therapy dog for the past decade. He had a good life and received a lot of love.

We receive unconditional love from our pets

Pets are such a precious gift, they are the purest example of unconditional love that most humans ever experience.

And the loss can be excruciating.

So, a few weeks ago when Scott said he wanted another dog, I was certainly hesitant. But true to my mystical nature, I had dreamed about a rescue dog the night before Scott broached the conversation with me so I knew there was a canine companion close by that belonged with us.

The next day, we went to our wonderful local shelter (HART for animals) that also has veterinary services and a doggie hotel/spa (if you are not familiar, they are quite remarkable) to see if our new pet was there.

Rescuing a pet is a way for humans to show love

When we met “Diamond,” a 3-year-old pit bull mutt, she looked at Scott with such adoration, I wondered for a moment if I should be jealous.

Like many rescues, she had had a difficult life. She was a single mom working the streets, living in shelters and ultimately the authorities took her children away. I’m convinced that “Diamond” was her “stripper” name, you know, back when she was running wild. The marvelous staff at HART had taught her to sit and shake hands like a proper lady, so we called her “Lady Di” or just “Lady.”

She has trained us to walk her several times a day – which is not only good exercise, but gets us out of the inn if only for a few moments during the busy season.

Finding love at the Lake Pointe Inn

She is wonderfully social and likes to join us on Sunday morning in the great room to say good-bye to our weekend guests.

If you are a dog lover, please ask to meet her next time you are here – and be prepared for lots of doggie kisses after she extends her paw in greeting.

rock on…