How to be a perfect date

How to be a great date

by Scott Lack

Last summer, I bought tickets for Lenina and I to see Garth Brooks live at Notre Dame Stadium. I love Garth Brooks music. We had seen him in Vegas and I have always loved his music.

Lenina’s folks live near Notre Dame so we had a perfect place to stay near the venue. We got as soon as they were available, incidentally, in the heat of the summer. We looked forward to the trip for a couple of reasons; Lenina’s parents are wonderful and it is always fun to go visit – on this particular visit I even got to drive their tractor!

But back to my story…

The concert was in early November, and we expected a beautiful Midwest fall evening at Notre Dame stadium. What better place to be in America that night than in the heart of our great nation and celebrating with 90 thousand “friends in low places.” If you have never been to a Garth Brooks concert, it is a remarkable experience. The energy is electrifying as everyone in the stadium sings along with Garth the whole time. At my first Garth concert I thought, “I’m not singing along on the radio, I am literally singing with Garth!” I try to see him live whenever I have an opportunity.

The afternoon of the concert it started to snow. We had packed clothes for “fall football game weather” not snow. But worry not, Walmart was near by and we were able to purchase hats and gloves as well as hand warmers. (“Overkill,” I thought). But the snow kept coming and then it mixed with rain. We had gotten to the event a couple of hours early and kept warm by the car. (See tailgating picture below)

About an hour before the concert, we made our way to our seats – good seats on the field where we could see Garth. We brought a blanket, disposable poncho, and I had stuffed paper towels into my coat (my “dressed for a fall football game” coat.) But when we got to the seats, they had an inch of icy water covering them so our blanket was virtually useless. We had worn cowboy boots to be in the spirit of the event, but (note to self) cowboy boots and standing in freezing water do not go together. The icy rain turned to a mix of sleet and heavy snow which caused part of the sound system to come down. To everyone’s disappointment, it appeared the event might be canceled.

But it wasn’t.

Though the weather was miserable, and everyone had been waiting several hours for the event to begin, when Garth made his appearance, the ninety-thousand strong crowd went crazy and literally almost brought him to tears. He was very grateful to the undeniably loyal fans who had weathered the conditions in order to be part of this amazing event. Through soaked clothing and indescribably awful weather conditions, all 90,000 of us sang along with Garth for the next 2 and ½ hours.

Lenina and I both sang and froze.

When we got back to Lenina’s parents house we cuddled up under heavy blankets and Lenina’s mom warmed up “rice bags” to help us thaw out.  As the events of the night went through my mind I thought about the great music, the crowd, how cute my wife looked in her cowboy hat.

Then it struck me. Lenina had a smile on her face the entire evening. Not one word about the cold. She was just happy to be there with ME. Wow.

As we lay there warming up, I told her that she had been the perfect date. She had been cheerful and fun in spite of all the reasons not to be. She could have complained. She could have asked to call the night and I would have. But I am lucky to be married to a woman who makes the best of every situation. I had the perfect date.

I consider myself to be a very lucky man. Not just that night but in life.

Next time you are here at Lake Pointe Inn with your special someone or on a date with the one you love, take note to be present. So many times our cell phones seem more important than the person we are having breakfast with.

Leave Fox News and The Weather Channel at home. If it snows, or rains – just have fun with it. Go play in the snow – build a snowman. Borrow an umbrella from us and go for a walk – taking care to hold hands. Or make a French press with our custom coffee blend and read by the big stone fireplace. Or go for a short hike and marvel at the beauty of the elements even though it may be cold or wet.

Flat tire or traffic jam, enjoy your time together.

When you ARE the perfect date, you can’t help but to experience the perfect date.

Come see us soon.


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