The VALUE of the Lake Pointe Inn

My fifty-dollar “value” breakfast

Every year I attend a conference in Colorado Springs at the famed, 5-Diamond, Broadmoor Hotel. As it is the only 5-Diamond property I’ve ever had the privilege of visiting, it is often my point of reference for how to do things at the Lake Pointe Inn. It is also my standard for judging value.

To clarify, most BnB’s cannot be rated as a 5-diamond property. The criteria to be rated as such includes things like valet parking and 24-hour room service. While my beloved has been known to make “Love Toast” for me at 3:00 am after I’ve returned from a heavy-metal concert, I don’t think we can count that as room-service.

Good value AND good service?

Last summer, we were very excited to receive a prestigious 4-Diamond classification.  Yet sans the 24-hour staffing criterion, (which is unrealistic for most BnB’s) we generally meet the standards of a 5-Diamond resort without charging you 5-Diamond prices, which makes the Lake Pointe Inn a remarkable value.

For example, my simple breakfast at the Broadmoor was over fifty dollars:

2 Fresh Squeezed glasses of OJ ($7.50 each – no refills)                  $15.00

Coffee                                                                                                 $  4.50

Avocado Toast                                                                                    $12.00

Side of Asparagus                                                                               $  7.00

20% Service Charge (“for my convenience”)                                     $  7.70

Cash Tip (because the server was excellent)                                     $  5.00


Now you might think that I ordered something fancy, but trust me, it was just toast and a sliced avocado, the fancier fare (like a vegetable omelet) cost significantly more. Something like Scott’s “Southwest Stack” would have been in the thirty-dollar range had they had such a thing.

At the Lake Pointe Inn, a gourmet breakfast (Scott’s special recipes) is included in the nightly rate. I suppose that makes most BnB’s a reasonable value, but read on, I’ve only just begun.

In addition to room rates that were nearly twice ours, there was a 20% resort fee added to the bill. And that coveted valet parking that defined them as 5-diamond, is $30.00/day (plus tipping the Valets every time you need your car).

Parking at the Lake Pointe Inn is complimentary.

Value in the Included Amenities

I met some friends for a glass of wine and snacks before the scheduled dinner. We went to one of the hotel bars which was akin to an old fashioned pub. The least expensive appetizer was fried pickles for $9.00 and wine by the glass was $13-$32/glass (I chose a moderate $17/glass) and again, an added 20% service charge made my tab for snacks over $30.

Scott’s homemade hors d’ oeuvres are complimentary and a glass of house wine or a beer is moderately priced at $2.00 at the Lake Pointe Inn.

Value in the Included Activities

Boat/Canoe rentals (seasonally) were priced at $32 per half hour, $50 per hour. They had no such thing as a sunset cruise on the pontoon (which incidentally is $34.00/person at the Wisp Resort right across the street from the Lake Pointe Inn)

Canoes, Kayaks and Paddle Boards – all complimentary at the Lake Pointe Inn, as well as our popular sunset pontoon rides when the weather permits.

Tennis court rental was $40/hour plus racket rental of $10.

Both are complimentary at the Lake Pointe Inn.

Visiting a 5-Diamond resort is a wonderful experience, but being a guest of the Lake Pointe Inn is not only a treat for our guests, but an exceptional value.

Come see us and experience the exceptional value for yourself.

rock on…