Top 10 Reasons Men Hate BnB’s…but love Lake Pointe Inn

Scott and I just returned from a little get-away to celebrate our anniversary. We decided that we would gallivant within half a day’s drive of the Lake Pointe Inn and check out some other BnBs in search of fresh ideas and to see the industry from a guest’s perspective.

Scott researched a coastal beach town and looked at the guest comments for some of the top rated BnBs, only to find enormous dissatisfaction and comments about insect infestations, holes in mattresses, and owners that didn’t share our high standards of hospitality.

In our subsequent search for a comparable lodging opportunity, my beloved made the very insightful comment “See honey, this is exactly why men don’t like BnBs.”

Men do not want to sleep in Grandma’s Attic.

“What do you mean men don’t like BnBs? We have lots of men that love our inn.”

I was adamant to defend our male enthusiasts who support our business at the Lake Pointe Inn, and I believe they do so willingly and of their own accord. (In other words, they don’t just put up with our BnB out of love and reverence for their female partner, they genuinely want to be here.)

As we traveled, we asked around and even sought feedback online and found it to be true.

Men, as a broad and stereotypical demographic, do not enjoy the Bed and Breakfast experience.

Here’s what we discovered:

1. Men do not want to sleep in a BnB that feels like Grandma’s Attic 

Old, musty, Victorian homesteads are out-of-date, stuffy, and uncomfortable. “Beer and doilies just don’t mix.

All rooms at the Lake Pointe Inn are furnished with custom Arts and Crafts furniture that is both durable and well-built. And for the record, Scott loathes doilies.

2. Men detest a BnB with mattresses from last century. They want a sturdy, solid king-size bed with high-quality, durable bedding

“I don’t want to feel like I’m going to break the bed when…” Blush. Enough said.

We have done significant research on our beds. We have the most high-end mattresses that are available, currently NINE kings and one queen.

3. Men are not comfortable in a tiny room at a BnB with delicate furnishings

No space to maneuver, no place to sit down and no place to comfortably relax makes the whole experience unpleasant.

This can be a challenge in older homes yet we take pride in the spaciousness of our guest rooms and have arranged the rooms for the greatest ease and maneuverability.

4. Men don’t want a BnB with antiquated (or nonexistent) technology. A reasonably sized TV with reasonably current technology and access to a reasonable selection of channels is an absolute

While it is true that couples “do not go on vacation just to watch TV,” it is nice to have access to news, sports events and an occasional movie for a rainy day.

This is one of the first improvements we implemented when we purchased the inn. All rooms have large flat screens with the HBO channel package. A few select rooms have smart TV’s that allow guests to access their personal Netflix or Amazon accounts.

5. Men do not want to be told what to eat for breakfast, where to sit, which fork they must use and worst of all, who they have to tolerate in morning conversations
“The forced family setting of many BnBs kind of takes away from the intimacy I want to enjoy with my wife.”

We agree.

That’s why we have individual two-person tables in the dining room. You can push tables together if you want to dine with your friends, but we respect your desire for privacy during breakfast.

Additionally, Scott is currently offering several options for breakfast so we are experimenting with menu choices.

             P.S. We don’t care which fork you use – or whether you use one at all.

6. Men appreciate Bnbs with common spaces that are simple, comfortable and inviting

“It’s nice to have a place to hang-out while my girl puts on her make-up or does other girlie things in the room. In fact, it is nice for both of us. She doesn’t want me bothering her when she’s getting ready for a night out.”

We are frequently complimented on our common spaces. The original stone fireplace in the great room is a wonderful place to relax and read or visit with other guests.

7. Men welcome convenient parking at BnBs

“We might feel ‘important’ when we can casually toss the car key to a hotel or restaurant valet, but it is sure nice to park the car at my leisure, unload what we need and be able to easily access the car whenever we want.”

Each guest room has its own parking space in our private, on-site parking lot.

8. Men value the ease and efficiency of modern technology, even if the BnB is a historical landmark

While Grandma’s attic is quaint with antiques and the ambience of days-gone-by, conveniences like accessible outlets, WIFI and adequate lighting for reading are must-haves. “Most of us have jobs, kids and responsibilities that we can’t just unplug from. Bed and Breakfasts are commonly historic old houses without modern amenities. That makes it hard for us to truly relax.”

  • We have added charging stations by each bed where there wasn’t previously an option for plugging in your devices.
  • We have reading lamps in all the rooms and have made significant upgrades to the WIFI service. We get it.  Sometimes you just want to briefly look something up, then you can get back to vacationing.

9. Men are frustrated by BnBs with timeworn, fragile or delicate plumbing

“I’m on vacation. I don’t want to worry about frail shower heads with scanty water or rickety and wobbly old commodes.”

            All of our rooms have modern, private baths with varying luxury amenities.  

10. BnBs as a lodging category, are remarkably inconsistent

Ummm. I’m afraid I can’t fix this one.


rock on…