Browning Sleep Den – Featuring a Duxiana King Bed

Most Enchanting

Only 150 hotels in the entire world have the Duxiana Bed

The Browning Sleep Den is furnished with everything you will need for a luxurious night’s sleep. Equipped with an elite Duxiana mattress, proven by sleep scientists to help one fall asleep faster and stay in deep sleep longer. Guests are greeted in the morning with a picturesque view of Deep Creek Lake and a large balcony delivers breathtaking scenery of the Wisp ski mountains and the beautiful Lake Pointe Inn summer gardens. Appointed with traditional Mission style furniture and lighting, the room features soothing colors, a fireplace, 2 HD TV’s, blackout shades, a sound machine, optional aroma therapy and eye masks. One of the biggest luxuries we can give ourselves is a great night’s sleep.