The Best Hikes at Deep Creek Lake State Park

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Deep Creek Lake State Park, best hikes to explore near our Deep Creek Lake Hotel

The most popular pastime in our area, hands down, is hiking‚ÄĒespecially on the warm summer and mild autumn days. One of the best places to set out and explore is Deep Creek Lake State Park, home to a lovely selection of hiking trails for every skill level and experience. During these two seasons in particular, hikers can experience vibrant summer greenery or absolutely stunning fall foliage‚ÄĒMaryland’s forests are known as having some of the best in the nation.

The top-rated trail at Deep Creek Lake State Park is the Cherry Creek Loop, which passes through multiple ecosystems from lake level to near the top of Meadow Mountain. This trail is considered moderate, with rocky terrain in parts of the three-mile trek. For those seeking an easy route, the most popular trail is Beckmans Trail which includes the historic Brant Coal Mine site, where visitors can learn more about the local history of the area. 

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Deep Creek Lake State Park best hikes

Deep Creek Lake State Park: Hiking 101

The diverse wildlife, scenic vistas, and the natural beauty of Maryland’s largest freshwater lake make this area a prime destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Add hiking at Deep Creek Lake State Park, and you’ll get all of the above on one adventure! This park offers a variety of trails for every skill level, from beginners to experts.¬†

Here are the best trails at Deep Creek Lake State Park from easy to difficult: 

  1. Snakeroot Trail (easy, 1/4 mile): There are interpretive signs along this trail for a leisurely stroll through the woods. You’ll find brochures for your self-guided tour at the ranger station.
  2. Beckmans Trail (easy, 2 miles): This is the most traversed trail at Deep Creek Lake State Park and includes the historic Brant Coal Mine site. 
  3. Crosscut Trail (moderate, 1 mile): A short hike highlighting some of the best rock formations and outcrops in the forested area here. 
  4. Lookout Trail (moderate, 1.75 miles): This trail is often used as a challenging mountain biking route and offers a moderate, rugged climb for hikers. 
  5. Cherry Creek Trail (moderate, 3 miles): For a beautiful hike with varying ecosystems, the Cherry Creek heads through rhododendrons and mountain laurel thickets. 
  6. Indian Turnip Trail (moderate): This rocky trail gains nearly 600 feet in elevation before leveling out at the top of the ridge and descending again. 
  7. Meadow Mountain Trail (moderate): A more challenging hike with rewarding panoramic views at the summit.
  8. Thayer Trace (difficult): Descend into Meadow Mountain and reascend on this connector trail between Deep Creek Lake State Park and Savage River State Forest on this challenging route. You’ll discover complicated rock work and obstacles, whether manicured rock formations or dirt passages.¬†

After a lovely hike at the park, be sure to head down to the lake. There’s a swimming beach, picnic areas, and boat launches. Many people enjoy fishing and kayaking from this point on Deep Creek Lake as well. Another unique thing to do is head to the Aviary at Deep Creek Lake State Park, home to nine non-releasable birds of prey. Each of these birds was injured, rehabilitated, and deemed non-releasable.

Deep Creek Lake State Park

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