Savage River State Forest Adventures

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With over 54,000 acres of land, the Savage River State Forest has the largest facility in the state forest system. 11,000 acres of the land has been designated as Wild lands. That still leaves 44,000 acres for visitors and locals to explore! When you stay at Lake Pointe Inn this summer, you’ll be able to bike through the woods or fish on the calm waters of the Savage River State Forest! Here are a few activities to put on your itinerary!


Mountain Biking Trails

Grab your mountain bike and speed through the forest on almost any of the State Forest’s trails. Visitors are allowed to ride non-motorized bikes on the trails. Make sure to take caution when zipping down the paths, especially on blind curves!


Wildlife and Nature Appreciation

Birding enthusiasts can view a wide variety of wildlife including forest interior dwellers, such as ovenbirds and indigo buntings. Red-tailed and broad-winged hawks may be seen soaring overhead, so keep your eyes open! In the nighttime, the calls of great-horned and screech owls can be heard echoing through the forest. Bright yellow and orange colored long-tailed salamanders also inhabit the forest. In April, the magnificent blooms of spring begin, making the forest pop with color! Beautiful trout lilies, pink lady slippers and trilliums bloom during the months of May and early June. In July, native rhododendrons in white blossom, followed by the red splendor of bee balm and cardinal flowers sprout out from the ground.


Hiking Trails

Ranging from levels easy to difficult, guests have several options of trail lengths to choose from. Ase Durst Trail is 4.5 miles and is a moderate level. Enjoy a day hike through gorgeous rolling mountains and sky-high trees. For a quick hike, the Savage River trail is relatively easy and short. It is ideal for first timer hikers to get a taste of the great outdoors, without over doing it! It is recommended to wear the appropriate shoes and to carry water when exploring these rugged trails. Here is a guide to more Savage River State Forest trails!


Horseback Riding

Experience the spectacular scenery riding on a beautiful horse. Horseback riding is permitted anywhere in Savage River State Forest except within park boundaries and on designated foot trails. The staff of the forest recommended Margroff Plantation, Keyser’s Ridge, Negro Mountain Snowmobile Trail, the Meadow Mountain Trail and the Asa Durst Homestead Area for your riding adventure! To learn more, view the Savage River State Forest Horseback Riding brochure.



To enhance your trip after these Savage River State Forest adventures, you should consider staying at a local inn. Our rooms and suites each have their own private baths and gas fireplaces, providing a comfortable environment to relax in after a day in the forest. Located on the shores of Deep Creek Lake, Lake Pointe Inn has all the modern amenities of today with a rustic charm that complements the natural beauty of the area. Your stay includes a delicious breakfast each morning, with a continental breakfast option available if you decide to get an early start on your forest adventures! Find your favorite room and begin planning an unforgettable getaway today.



Photo courtesy Kevin Galens.

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