Scenic Trails near Lake Pointe Inn

One of our monthly blog posts on what to see, do, or where to eat on Deep Creek Lake and Western Maryland.

For guests who want to get out and hike and enjoy the beautiful mountainous terrain, we have several scenic trials near Lake Pointe Inn.

Scenic Trails near Lake Pointe Inn – Swallow Falls State Park

Just 15 minutes (or less if Lenina is driving) from the Lake Pointe Inn can experience truly breathtaking scenic hikes. Swallow Falls State Park is a popular destination for its waterfalls, easy to moderate trails, and towering hemlocks.

For the history buffs that visit, you will be intrigued to learn that this beautiful area was the stomping ground for Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and Harvey Firestone in the roaring 20’s. The visit by these self-proclaimed “vagabonds” drove the area to public recognition and led the movement to protect and promote forest conservation and outdoor recreation in Maryland.

The park serves as a retreat for tourists and locals while also reminding us what a privilege it is to be able to enjoy these public lands. Read on to discover more about the attractions at Swallow Falls State Park.

Scenic Trails near Lake Pointe Inn – Youghiogheny River

The only officially designated Wild and Scenic River, the Youghiogheny acts as a watershed from the western slope of the Appalachian Mountains and encompasses approximately 397 miles in Maryland. Within Swallow Falls State Park, the river offers dramatic drops in elevation complete with falls, rapids and dense forestation.

Scenic Trails near Lake Pointe Inn – Hemlock Trees

The oldest grove of white pine and eastern hemlock in Maryland resides in Swallow Falls State Park. The tall hemlocks, some more than 300 years old, tower over park visitors and remind them of medieval European forestry. To fully experience the encompassing hemlocks, take the five-and-a-half mile trail from Swallow Falls State Park through Garrett State Forest to Herrington Manor State Park. (Scott’s favorite!)

Scenic Trails near Lake Pointe Inn – Muddy Creek Falls

Muddy Creek Falls is the iconic center point of Swallow Falls State Park. Significantly taller than the other two falls in the area, Muddy Creek Falls crashes down 53 feet from top to bottom.

Scenic Trails near Lake Pointe Inn – Tolliver Falls

For a waterfall swimming experience that all ages can enjoy, Tolliver Falls in Swallow Falls State Park is a great destination. While the falls are only about five feet tall, they offer a 20×20 foot pool for wading and swimming. The beach and sandy bottom of the falls offer a safe place to play, but caution should still be exercised on wet rocks to avoid slipping.


**Special Thanks to Tom James for this remarkable photo taken November 2017 

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